What's Coming to Apple TV+ in May 2023

Don’t Miss Out! Here’s What’s Coming to Apple TV+ in May 2023

What’s Coming to Apple TV+ in May 2023

New on Apple TV plus: Apple TV+ is known for its high-quality original content, and May 2023 promises to be an exciting month for subscribers. With a slew of new releases coming out, there’s plenty to be excited about.

Silo  (May 5)

One of the most highly anticipated shows is “Silo” (formerly known as “Wool”), a dystopian drama based on Hugh Howey’s New York Times bestselling trilogy of novels. Set to premiere on May 5th, this ten-episode series follows a group of people living in an underground silo who are forced to confront the harsh reality of their situation. The series stars Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins, and Rashida Jones, among others, and is sure to be a hit with fans of dystopian fiction.

City on Fire ((May 12)

Still (May 12)

Still” is a Michael J. Fox movie that explores the life of the beloved actor since his Parkinson’s diagnosis. With a poignant and heartfelt exploration of Fox’s life and struggles, the movie promises to be an emotional and inspiring journey for viewers.

Masters of the Air

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Another exciting release is “Masters of the Air,” a World War II drama produced by Steven Spielberg’s company, Amblin Television. This show is a follow-up to the acclaimed series “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific,” and promises to be just as riveting. “Masters of the Air” focuses on the American Eighth Air Force as they battle Nazi Germany from the skies, and stars Austin Butler, Tom Hardy, and Callum Turner. With a reported budget of $250 million, this is sure to be one of the biggest and most ambitious shows of the year.

Prehistoric Planet (May 22)

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Science fiction fans will also have something to look forward to with “Prehistoric Planet.” This show takes viewers back 66 million years to a time when dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures roamed the earth. Combining cutting-edge CGI with live-action footage, “Prehistoric Planet” promises to be an immersive and exciting experience for audiences of all ages.

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Platonic (May 24)

For those looking for something a bit more down-to-earth, “Platonic” offers a look at the complexities of adult friendships. The show follows former childhood best friends as they try to reconnect and move past the issues that drove them apart. Starring Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen, this will surely be a relatable and heartfelt show that resonates with viewers.

In addition to these new releases, Apple TV+ has a number of other projects in the works. Michael J. Fox will star in a new movie called “Still,” which focuses on a man with Parkinson’s disease trying to rebuild his life after a divorce. “Argyle” is another forthcoming movie, a spy thriller based on a yet-to-be-published novel by Ellie Conway. The star-studded cast includes Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, and Bryan Cranston. And with so many other projects in the works.

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