Netflix Stopped Password Sharing in 2023

Netflix Stopped Password Sharing

Netflix Stopped Password Sharing

The bigwigs over at Netflix have finally decided to crack down on password sharing. The streaming service will be blocking users who share their passwords with others.

This change in policy is not as bad as it seems. There are a few reasons why this could end up being a good thing for Netflix users. Keep reading to find out more.

Netflix Stopped Password Sharing

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing.

Effective immediately, the company has implemented a new policy that prohibits multiple people from using the same account. If you are caught sharing your login information with others, you could lose access to the service.

This new rule is likely an attempt to crack down on people who are not paying for Netflix subscriptions but are instead using someone else’s account. It is also a way for the company to prevent people from sharing accounts with friends or family members who live in different households.

Does This Apply to All Plans?

It applies to all plans, although certain exceptions could be made. For instance, family plans allow you to share a password with members of your immediate family.

For those of us with friends who are not part of our family but still use our account, or if we plan on using someone else’s account, we are out of luck. Netflix has stated that they are actively looking into ways to tackle third-party and non-family member password sharing and would be implementing changes soon.

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The ban on password sharing comes in the wake of their recent price hike for some of their subscription plans and it is easy to see why they decided to take this step. After all, it is a matter of fairness for those who have subscribed to the streaming services legitimately and paid for their own subscription.

How Can Users Protect Their Accounts From Hackers?

Here are a few recommendations,

  • Use a unique and strong password. If you are sharing your Netflix account with friends or family, make sure to change your password now and then to avoid it getting out.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication for added security. This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring an additional code when logging into an account using an unfamiliar device or browser.
  • Regularly check your “account overview” tab.
  • Never share personal or payment information with anyone, even if they claim to work for Netflix customer service.

Following these steps will help keep your Netflix account secure and make sure that you are not becoming a victim of any malicious activities online.


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