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How to take a screenshot in Hulu app on pc using these 3 methods?

How to take a screenshot in Hulu app: When you watch a movie show on the Hulu APP in the computer, it also happens that you want to send screenshots of a scene to your friends. Most streaming apps do not have the facility to take screenshots. Because doing so is considered a copyright infringement.

However, it is easy to take hulu app screenshots in the computer. For example, you can take a screenshot from the print screen in Windows. Or you can also use the Snipping Tool. Third-party screenshot tools tool is available on the Chrome web store.

Let’s know how to take screenshots of Hulu app in PC with these methods.

How to take screenshot in Hulu-app on PC using PrtSc

The easiest way to take a screenshot of the hulu app on PC is the Print Screen function. The print screen function is represented with Pr Scr in the keyboard. This is near the delete key on the keyboard. Follow the steps below to take Hulu screen capture

  • First of all, open the Hulu app or website in the browser.
  • Sign in your account in Hulu
  • Play the movie whose screenshot you want to take. Then pause on that scene.
  • After pressing the print screen, open the paint and press CTRL + V. Your screenshot photo will be pasted, which you can save and send to anyone.
  • These screenshot photos are also saved in the (Pictures folder > screenshot) screenshot folder of the computer.

You can also send screenshots by pasting CTRL V in the Telegram messenger App without the use of paint.

How to take Hulu screenshot on pc using Snipping Tool

  • Click on the Start button in the computer to take a screenshot from the sniping tool.
  • Then type “Sniping Tool” and launch the Sniping Tool app.
  • Click on the “New” button to start a new snip. (you can also use the Window logo key+shift+s to take screenshots).
  • Select the screenshot area using Mouse.
  • Once you have selected the area, the screenshot will be automatically saved to your clipboard.
  • Open an image editing program (such as MS Paint) and paste the screenshot from your clipboard.
  • Save the image to your computer.

Take a screenshot of the Hulu app using a web browser extension

Video screenshot extensions can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store. It only works in chrome browser.
You can use it on all streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video.

screenshot in Hulu app
Video Screenshot extension


How to solve black screen issue on Hulu

If you are experiencing a black screen issue on Hulu, here are some steps you can try to solve the problem:

Restart your device: Sometimes, simply restarting your device can resolve streaming issues. Try closing the Hulu app and restarting your device to see if this helps.

Clear your cache and cookies: Over time, your device may accumulate cache and cookies that can cause issues with streaming. Try clearing your cache and cookies to see if this helps resolve the black screen issue.

Update your device software: Make sure that your device’s software is up to date. Outdated software can cause problems with streaming.

Check for Hulu app updates: Make sure that you have the latest version of the Hulu app installed on your device. Outdated app versions can cause issues with streaming.

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