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Cocaine Bear: The Movie That’s Taken the World by Storm

Cocaine Bear 2023: Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, has released a new documentary called “Cocaine Bear: The True Story,” which explores the events that inspired the dark comedy-horror movie “Cocaine Bear.” The documentary features interviews and archival footage that reveal the true story of Andrew Thornton, who fell to his death from the sky in South Knoxville with over 70 pounds of cocaine strapped to his body in 1985. The documentary also delves into the discovery of a black bear in a Georgia forest that had overdosed on cocaine.

The movie “Cocaine Bear” tells a fictionalized version of these events, with a drugged-up bear going on a killing spree in a Georgia forest. Directed by Elizabeth Banks and starring a large cast, including Keri Russell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ray Liotta, the film was released in theaters in February 2022 and has grossed nearly $84 million worldwide.

Peacock is not the only streaming service to offer “Cocaine Bear.” The movie is also available for purchase on Prime Video. However, it should be noted that the film takes artistic license with the true events and features a different, more violent version of the bear’s actions.

Overall, “Cocaine Bear” has proven to be a popular and profitable project for Universal’s film studios, leading to the creation of the documentary “Cocaine Bear: The True Story.” The documentary promises to provide a more accurate account of the events that inspired the film, which involve a major drug smuggling operation gone wrong and a black bear that accidentally overdosed on cocaine.

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